"Always trying to bring new people into the Fayrewether world. All those shows, all those classics, you only get better with age just like a fine wine. Just as a person I ran into at Scorchers after the June show said, you only have to see Fayrewether once and you get it, you're a fan for life."


"My parents who are now in their 60s used to and still do go to several concerts a year. I am 41 and I remember going to concerts when I was little and I still go as well...Recently my father passed away...I do have one good memory while they were all good memories. You were playing down at the Odeon a little over 18 years ago I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter. Of course I was front stage as always. Paul hollered down to the security guard get this lady a chair. That was awesome. Well I would like to say thank you for all my memories of watching you guys play as I was growing up and I guarantee you my dad is thankful too."


"My wife and I have followed you for years. We are from Rochester NY and have seen you numerous times. We had used one of your songs in our wedding ceremony, "What I'd Like"...We're celebrating our 30th anniversary and would love to hear the song again...Great times from the Penny Arcade. Would love to see you again...Thanks for the great memories."